About Woven Treasures

It has been almost 3 decades since Parviz Yathrebi opened Woven Treasures with Maryam — a family-owned-and-operated rug business. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Woven Treasures imports and sells beautiful handmade rugs, unique textiles, and decor for the home.

Understanding the historical relevance of the rug industry proved particularly important to Parviz when he immigrated to the United States from Iran in 1977. The culture of curating, purchasing, and selling rugs transported Parviz back to his childhood, where he can recall happy memories at his grandfather's house, a great rug collector.

Although many of the rugs, textiles, and other decor items found at Woven Treasures honor cultural traditions of the past, Parviz travels twice a year in search of the finest items and newest trends. For instance, while in Turkey, Parviz found recently Arabian rugs made by Iraqi Marsh people and Suzani needlework textiles made in Uzbekistan.

Parviz is working closely with well-known Interior Designers to find or create unique rugs for their clients, either individuals or businesses such as hospitality places and company HQs.

Parviz's incredible rug knowledge and deep expertise allows him to propose the best rugs services: washing, cleaning, and repairing handmade rugs coming from all parts of the world — from the American cotton braided one done by the grandmother of one of our clients to the 150-year-old Persian antique Oriental rug from a collector.

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About Maryam

Passionate about finding antiques and vintage beautiful jewelry pieces while traveling with Parviz, Maryam developed a deep knowledge of stones and "an eye" to discover the unique design that will reveal the story of the past and the style of an area. From being a hunter of distinctive designs, Maryam became Woven Treasures' special buyer, selecting the incredible and beautiful designer jewelry pieces proposed in the store.

Jewelry is associated with happy occasions — engagement, wedding, birthday, graduation, and the birth of a newborn. It brings joy to a person who receives it and enhances the personal look of an individual. Maryam knows how to help her customers find the perfect gift to honor that moment for a beloved relative or friend.